What a Business Broker can do for You

A business broker in Savannah GA can help you find a company to buy or help you sell the one you own.  Read on to learn more about what brokers do and how to choose one.

Sometimes referred to as transfer agents or intermediaries, brokers are different from traditional real estate agents.  In Savannah GA and other parts of the state, a real estate license is required for brokering businesses that involve the transfer of buildings or land.

Real estate licenses are not required in all states.  In the states where they are required, it is not unusual to find lawbreakers.

According to the Georgia Real Estate Commission, 20-25 businesses or individuals are charged with selling real estate without a license every month.  There are some individuals that try to sell businesses without a license and that can cause you problems.

Not all states require brokers or firms employing them to hold real estate licenses.  In some states, only a business license is required.  This can make interstate transactions difficult.

If you are living in Georgia, but interested in businesses in South Carolina, you should still try to deal with a brokerage licensed in your home state.  There are no licensing requirements in South Carolina.

So, whether you are buying or selling, the first step is to find a business broker that has the required licenses.  Most brokers in Savannah GA are licensed.  But, it never hurts to check, a good way is to ask for their State Real Estate Broker License Number.

Brokers do a lot of work for buyers and sellers.  For those of you that are selling, you can expect your agent to estimate the value of your company and advertise it for sale.  The name of your company will only be revealed to potential buyers with your permission. Your business broker will interview potential buyers and handle the negotiations.

Assuming the deal goes through, he or she will facilitate all of the necessary paperwork.  If you are a potential buyer, brokers can work for you in these ways.  They will talk to you about what type of businesses you are interested in.  They can tell you about what’s available in Savannah GA and the surrounding area.  It works something like it did when you and your partners bought your homes.

You and your partners can weed through pages of advertisements and settle on something only to find that it is already under contract.  Or, you can contact a licensed business broker.