River Street Business Opportunity

Riverstreet View of the Talmadge Bridge

Riverstreet view of the Talmadge Bridge from the GA Power site


So many people contact me looking for business opportunities in Downtown Savannah hoping and dreaming of the opportunity to enjoy the majestic character of this beautiful city. People tell me stories of how they came and visited their children at SCAD and fell in love with the area. How they would love the opportunity to live here if only they could find a business and be able to earn a living here. Some tell the story of when they were stationed nearby in the military and loved the area so much they knew they would come back some day. Others have come from Atlanta or some other inland location and after loosing their jobs in the big economical shake out of recent years have nothing to hold them back. They are coming to the coast and there is no place like Savannah GA!

I was pleased recently when I got a call from a local business man who has successfully operated a river street business for more than two decades. He has not only earned a living but started another successful business through the proceeds of this business. His words to me were, Dean I want to sell my river street store because my passion has shifted to my other business and I haven’t been involved as much I should have in my store. I have been fortunate and this is a good opportunity to share this special business with someone else.  I explained to him that this is a great time to sell and that there is the perfect buyer waiting for this opportunity!

A small confirmation of this came when I was reading an article in the Savannah Morning Newspaper from one of my favorite business columnists Bill Dawers. The article was entitled “West End of Savannah’s River Street waiting for rebirth”. Bill talks about some of the history of River Street and mentions Georgia Power’s Plant Riverside with its 3.79-acre tract is up for sale. With room for new construction on either side of the existing building it would be a good location for a couple of new hotels.  The article also mentions an additional 10,000 square feet of continuous commercial space in the 300 block of West River Street just east of the MLK intersection. And at the southwest corner of MLK and River Street there is almost 9,000 square feet.

A person who enjoys retail and a tourist environment will want to consider taking advantage of this very unique opportunity. A “flagship store operation” this retail store has not been just a store but a showroom of sorts for what is happening in the world of souvenirs, gifts and novelties.  This business has enjoyed a 24 year history of providing tee shirts, gifts and souvenirs on River Street in downtown Savannah, GA.  This tourist retail store not only offering Tee Shirts, gift items, they offer Beer by the drink and specialty cigars.  They have great lines of Pirate and St Patricks wear which sets them apart from the competition.  This business has prospered through all sales and economic cycles over the past 26 years.  The seller has had another business interest and has been pursuing it for several years and is selling due to interest in that business.

 If you have an interest in becoming a part of the beautiful River Street business community call or email me. Do it soon so you can be operating the business before March 2013, St Patricks days in savannah is the busiest time for River Street Merchants!
Dean Burnette
Business Broker
RE Broker License #335135