Looking for an Established Business for Sale

Many of today’s investors are looking for established businesses, with a strong customer base, in areas that are recession resistant. People that currently own a Savannah business have a unique opportunity with recent economic events and current economic conditions many people are looking to buy established businesses in this coastal area!

The Best Business Broker Team is the best local business brokerage firm.  Historically, our primary focus has been on Main Street business transactions, which we typically define as businesses with sales of less than $5,000,000. Main Street businesses include franchised and non-franchised restaurants, retail stores, professional service firms, small manufacturers and a broad array of other small, privately-held businesses.

Want to buy a business? Buying an established Savannah business would be a good choice at any time, but today, it may be an even better choice. Savannah’s economy has experienced continuous growth for the last 20 years and residents believe that the financial whirlwind that is affecting so many other communities in the country will ultimately pass them by.

In many cities, the problem is an economy that depended on a single major industry.  The auto industry, for example, with all of its problems, has negatively affected communities in Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky and other states.

Savannah’s residents are lucky enough to live in a five-tiered economy, consisting of manufacturing, the port, transportation, tourism, the military and health care, as well as retail and service industries.

Some of the largest plants include Gulfstream Aerospace, International Paper, Mitsubishi Power Plants, JCB Construction Equipment, and Georgia Pacific.

So, a Savannah business, of any kind, has the potential to do well.  Tourism is active and has been growing rapidly over the years.  The city’s historic beauty and coastal location attracts millions of visitors every year.

If you are thinking of relocating, this is a city to consider.  The winters are mild.  Snowstorms are a rarity.  Temperatures may drop into the low 20s at night, but it seldom gets colder.  There is always something to do or see, all year long.

Educational opportunities abound in the city.  The public schools are good and there are many notable private schools, including Benedictine Military School and the Savannah Arts Academy.  There are numerous opportunities for higher education, as well.    Buy A Business, Sell My Business, Business for sale, business, sale, sell my store, sell my restaurant, sell my company,
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