Motorsports Business for Sale

Price: $95,000

Location: Wayne County GA

Industry: Powersports

Listing ID: 58

If you are passionate about motorsports, want to make money by working in an area that you enjoy, I just happen to know of a long established (several years in the same building) independent owned successful service/parts shop. 

Maybe you’ve been thinking about opening up a full-service power-sports shop, not as a main source of income but more as a hobby that would keep some local kids/racers employed and have a shop for your stuff?  

Any idea what it would take to make one of these succeed? What to avoid? 

I’ve seen people try to start up businesses in the thing they love to do (bikes, bicycles, mechanics, etc..) because they think it would “be fun’. In many cases, it turns out to be a nightmare. Because of this, I’d recommend against it if there is another alternative, like buying an existing shop.

When buying this type of store, you will probably want the following features.

  1. A good high traffic corner location.
  2. A commercial building that is big enough to house all of the products that you plan on servicing and selling. You will most likely need a showroom floor and a warehouse. In some cases, you may also want to have a garage space on the premises to perform repairs on vehicles that you sell.
  3. Inventory you will need to sell. This may include buying motorcycles, jet skis, life jackets, tires, accessories and other items related to motorsports. 
  4. An established and well-respected name and reputation in the motorsports community. The most helpful thing to grow a business is a referred clientele from highly satisfied customers over a number of years.

For a startup, you’d need to set money aside while you’re establishing yourself as a business. It may take a couple of years or more before you actually start seeing customers on a regular basis. Buying an established business would likely be a lower risk than starting a new business and you would most likely make more money much faster than starting a new business. 

You may consider adding a “rental” dept which I would love to see, especially for kids, boots, helmets, pants, shirts, that they only wear 1 year and grow out of them.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $175,183

SDE: $51,483

Terms and Conditions?:

Real Estate may also be available

Reason For Sale:

Retirement and other interests

Training & Support:

2 weeks on site 6 months via phone.