Good News for Logistics Companies in the SouthEast

Logistics business for saleI was pleased to learn recently that the Center of Innovation for Logistics is headquartered right here in Savannah, GA. Having a background in logistics and hauling everything from drill pipe and drag lines, to Chickens and Produce, this news was as beautiful sounding as the purr of a Big cam Cummins 350 in the old “KW” rolling down the highway!

The Center of Innovation for Logistics is “Georgia’s leading resource for accelerating logistics growth and competitiveness in the state”!  Located in Savannah by the Georgia Tech campus, the local team of dedicated professionals assist Georgia businesses, that specialize in Logistics.

Focus On Technology

Their services are primarily focused on how technology and innovation can be leveraged to accelerate growth, competitiveness and business development for our Georgia based logistic companies. By maximizing new technology that benefits logistic companies, they categorized logistic specific items that are important to individual companies and the industry, into three primary groups: Volume, Velocity and Visibility.

Maximizing throughput into and through existing facilities and building the most effective and efficient infrastructure to handle growth: warehouse management software, material handling equipment, Optical Character Recognition, smart warehouse, access control systems and others.

 Compressing the shipping and delivery cycle and improving the overall agility or speed of response of a company i.e., information sharing tools, enterprise software and next-best move algorithms.

Real-time information regarding the location/status of shipments and assets in the global supply chain. Process visibility to identify and resolve systemic problems is equally important: auto-identification (RFID, Barcodes), Position Detection Systems, simulation, modeling, smart-cameras, GIS Information Mapping, container security devices and other technologies.

Why Companies Engage with the COI-Logistics Team

Participants receive:
♣    Filtered and consolidated industry information
♣    Logistic ecosystem networking (such as and the annual summit)
♣    Early access to generated solutions and best practices
♣    Access to innovative project funding
♣    Increased competitiveness and efficiency
♣    Join a Solution Solver (new technology) with a Problem Holder (a company that can benefit from the new technology)

Participants have access to:
♣    Industry forums
♣    Networking and communicating with key industry stakeholders
♣    Annual Georgia Logistics Summit, which will take place on this May 9th & 10th
♣    Annual Georgia Logistics Report

Be sure to check them out on the web at

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